Manchester, Vermont: Built Capital

Our textbook written by Green and Haines describes built capital as “the stock of buildings (houses, retail stores, factories) and infrastructure (roads, water, sewers) in a locality” (190). Manchester’s strongest asset in terms of built capital is its collection of outlet stores. They have really become what Manchester is known for, as they attract many tourists during all seasons. According to American FactFinder there are 108 retail establishments in Manchester that employ 1,148 individuals. Both of these statistics are the highest in their respective categories. The success of Manchester’s outlet stores is in part due to US Route 7 running right through the town.

manchester vermont outlets

Manchester Designer Outlets (MDO) is not so much an organization as a simple service that condenses all of the outlet stores in Manchester into one accessible group. Their website helps consumers find what they are looking for by categorizing the stores, as well as providing general information about Manchester and its activities. They also provide help in planning a trip to Manchester, primarily based around what season it is as popular activities change with the weather. They also offer a VIP Club Membership where customers can save money on their shopping at all of the outlets, which benefits both the customers and the businesses. This is also an effective marketing strategy as it targets higher class people, which is who, in general, shops at these stores.

The built capital of the outlet stores in Manchester has an important contribution to the community as a whole as it directly affects the financial capital, which is a definite indicator of how well a community is doing.



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