Human Capital- Westport, CT Pfefferle


Human capital is much more than just the skills and knowledge possessed by an individual or population. Human capital is also viewed in terms of the total human resources within a community. By understanding human capital, one can view a community’ interpersonal skills, values and leadership capacity that includes self-esteem, skills, experiences and creativity. In Westport, CT, various community-based organizations want to capitalize on these human assets to math them with opportunities within our community, with the hope that it would lead to more human capital within the community.


After watching module 6 and understanding the importance of human capital in communities of place, I reflected upon my hometown of Westport, CT and various HC questions Professor Hamshaw asked on the online course. Westport’s local labor market is primarily in financial services and hedge funds like Bridgewater, which operates in Westport, CT. The current supply of labor in Westport includes young people and young adults who return from their respective colleges and try to find work within commuting distance of Westport like NYC. American FactFinder states that only 750 people within the age of 20 to 24 filled out their census survey in 2014. I believe young people move away from Westport, since it costs so much to live here, but eventually return to at least the County to raise children or start a family. Since the location of Westport is less than an hour away from New York City.



This makes Westport a desirable place to live for prospective young families who want a great school system and community. Sadly, affordable housing is not a priority within Westport, since more affordable housing can be found less than 10 minutes from Westport’s downtown area in other regions of the state.


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