Built Capital

Concord is a very developed community. It area is very retrofitted for the community needs. To Start the road system in Concord is very well maintained. Since Concord relies on tourism to help with the economy, it is important that concord has updated roadways and traffic systems. Second, the community buildings are all either brand new or recently renovated. The buildings that have been recently updated are the town library, the high school, and the elementary schools. The ability to have top of the line infrastructure allows the community to focus on community ties and other issues. New school buildings give access to the newest technology and best education systems in the state. Another key aspect of Concords built capital is the town center. The town center is home to all the local shops that make Concord so special. All the buildings look like they did when concord was first founded back in the 1600s but have been extremely well maintained. By keeping the historic look of the buildings is creates a more unique look. This drives up the tourism which Concord needs for a stable economy. Overall, Concord has a huge variety of built capital that serves the community in different ways. The built capital is essential to Concord so that the other capital it has can thrive.