Built Capital: East Whiteland, Pa

Before going into depth about the Built Capital present on East Whiteland, Pa, I Believe it is important to define what built capital is. Flora and Flora define built capital as “The permanent physical installations and abilities supporting productive activities in a community (Flora and Flora, 2004).” Built capital can be anything from Roads and streets to waste water treatment facilities.

East Whiteland, Pa is very fortunate to have an abundance of Built capital in the area that has led to the growth of the community. To start East Whiteland, Pa is located at the 4 highways meet (East Whiteland Township, 2016). These highways give residents access to areas all across the state including Harrisburg, Philadelphia and also to other states as New Jersey and Delaware. This has caused major international organizations to come into the area. Furthermore, East Whiteland is very fortunate to have a large amount of available housing in the area. Over the past few years’ development of apartment buildings has increased which has allowed young professionals to move into the area and work for those large corporations. However, the increase in development has not led to an increase in affordable housing. From data collected from American fact finder it was found that most people renting housing had monthly housing costs of over $2000(American Fact Finder,2016). A lack of affordable housing has been a growing problem as the regions popularity has increased.

A community based organization that is trying to help people find affordable housing is BCM Affordable Housing, INC. Their mission is to create attractive housing and to create communities that both seniors and families would want to live in that are also affordable. BCM affordable housing is focused on developing properties that may not be in use and to put up housing that is constructed with quality, environmentally friendly, but also affordable.




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