North Adams Built Capital

According to our book they refer to built capital as physical capital and they define physically capital as “it’s roads, buildings (houses, businesses, warehouses), and other physical features (railroad tracks, bridges, vacant land)” (109). “On May 12, 2014, the North Adams Planning Board adopted the North Adams Vision 2030, the City’s first comprehensive plan in over forty years” (Vision2030). North Adams is an old town but growing into a vibrant city filled with art and community.  The Vision 2030 was created by the people of North Adams and much of it is dedicated to the built capital issue. “The visual impact of blighted and condemned buildings upon entry to the city, concrete flood chutes and chain link fencing blocking off the river, vacant storefronts in the Downtown, and the lack of aesthetic and other pedestrian and bike amenities present marketing challenges” (Vision2030).

North Adams has many beautiful elements that are ruined by its built capital.  And the community believes that it could even be the reason North Adams incoming job market is suffering.  No one wants to live in a “concrete flood”.  Most of the North Adams residents live outside the city limits (American FactFinder). The suffering built capital in North Adams is causing of many other issues.  Vision 2030 addresses this and wants North Adams to reveal its true beauty. By improving the built capital over the next 14 years North Adams will continue to grow its population, business connections, and community.



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