CDAE 102: Built Capital for The Village of Northfield

During this day and age, most buildings or structures would be classified as a communities built Capital. Built capital is defined as “the permanent physical installations and facilities supporting productive activities in a community” (Slide 12, Flora and Flora). The installations and facilities that would be considered to be part of built capital are roads, streets, bridges, airports, railroads, electric, natural gas utilities, police, fire protection facilities, drinking water facilities, wastewater treatment, waste disposal facilities, communications technology networks, public, private and commercial buildings. Most people would assume that every community will have a large amount of built capital during this day and age. Which is almost factual. The only difference of built capital in communities is the level of quality of the structures and the quantity of facilities.

The Village of Northfield has a high level of built capital due to the surplus of funds to create and obtain the facilities created in the community. One of Northfields greatest man made creations is New Trier Township High School. New Trier is a state of the art high school that sole purpose was house only the freshman and the schools sport facilities. This campus was first opened in 1965 to freshman and sophomores. The state and the community has enhanced and updated the school to the point that it has brought 96% (American Fact Finder) of high school students in the district to this school. Parents and teenagers would rather attend the public school in their community then attending different private schools around their districts. New Trier made it so they had the state of the art equipment and teachers for the students and also made it so the buildings and other resources on campus where so above the code that state set which would overall enhance the student’s self-esteem.


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