Financial Capital North Adams

According to our textbook, financial capital is the “Financial resources available to invest in community capacity building, to underwrite business development, to support civic and social entrepreneurship, and to accumulate wealth for future community development”.  North Adams Massachusetts is known for its medical centers. American Fact Finder reveals that over 45 establishments in the city are dedicated to health care.  This is a large number in this small town.  North Adams have invested a lot into its Regional Hospital.

The North Adams Regional Hospital serves the Berkshires. It employs many residents of the local communities and plays a major role in the financial capital of the area. Without the hospital, many citizens would need to find new employment and a source of income. In the already struggling city, the regional hospital eases the transition from an industrial powerhouse to a cultural and arts-rich city.

The “Berkshire Partnership for Health” was created by North Adams regional hospital with the help of other organizations.  It targets four rising health issues, diabetes, high blood pressure, falls prevention and tobacco treatment.   Each one of these has an influence on the local financial capital.  Tobacco treatment could help users to save money for necessities instead of tobacco products.

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