Built Capital- Westport, CT

The town of Westport, Connecticut is interesting in terms of built capital since various previous public spaces where people used to be able to gather are now privatized. While some public places on neutral ground such as the public library, a few parks and the town hall; most popular places like the beaches, docks, and farmers market requires annually fees and registration. It would be more welcoming if our community had various, free public places for residents like myself to establish strong bonding capital.



After watching the built capital module online, I pondered the questions asked by Professor Hamshaw that were what was my own favored public space. As I stated previously, there are very few public spaces within Westport, but my favorite would have to be Devil’s Den Preserve. Built capital includes waterway treatments and facilities, including clean water. I was astonished to leave that Devil’s Den preserve protects an oasis for native wildlife in the local area and is a natural filter for thousands of people who need clean water. I was amazed that such sustainable community activity was available in my own area.


However, there are spaces that are certainly underutilized; for instance, we have multiple unused golf ranges that could be made into Third Space Places on neutral ground in order to grow my communities social and human capital. This would be very valuable in my town of Westport, especially at a time many people spend at times instead of in public spaces that would build social capital.