Built Capital | Sherborn, MA

Built capital according to our textbook is “the stock of buildings and infrastructure” in a community (Green and Haines, 2011).

Affordable housing has become one of the main focuses to sustainability. The Town of Sherborn Ma, recently started construction to create affordable housing in the center of the town. The Massachusetts Housing Standards require that every town and city should have 10% of its housing be considered affordable. According to the 2010-2014 American Community Survey, Sherborn has a population of 4,119 residents, while only inhabiting a total of 1,518 housing units (2010, Community Facts). Which means the town of Sherborn needs to create roughly 150 affordable houses.  Creating these affordable housing would mean that Sherborn can get more funding from the government, which can go towards the school or for other various projects in the town. Many families move to Sherborn for the education system, however there is a down side to moving to a town with a great education system. Sherborn’s development plan states that the average selling price for new homes that have recently been built start at $1 million, whereas the older homes that were built in the historic time of Sherborn are being sold for an average price of $400,000-$500,000 (Town of Sherborn. 2004). This means that on average a family would need to purchase a house for half a million in order to send their kids to a great public school. The affordable houses that are being built will give families the chance to send their children to a great school without having a burden of a hefty mortgage.








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