Financial Capital, New Canaan

Financial capital is defined by Asset Building and Community Development as the “Financial resources available to invest in community capacity building, to underwrite business development, to support civic and social entrepreneurship, and to accumulate wealth for future community development” written by Green and Haines. The town of New Canaan, Connecticut does not have any monopoly companies that control the financial and economic aspects of our society but rather a collective group of small businesses. There are no “fast food” restaurants allowed in our small suburban town so we primarily depend on the produce of local markets and vendors. When it comes to potential financial resource spending there are certainly many opportunies that local individuals capitalize on in order to both promote and grow their businesses.

Once again I would like to focus on the public infrastructure provided in New Canaan thanks to the community tax revenue that funds local education. The public schooling system in New Canaan has continuously been ranked as one of the top districts in the school thanks to knowledgable teachers, execrated programs, extra tutoring, and several other educational benefits such as after school programing. New Canaan High School was rated a 105.32 out of 100 by Forbes Magazine which justifies the academic excellence attained by the community members and inherently leads to future success by its graduates. The financial capital of New Canaan largely goes back into the towns funds thanks to taxes and generous donations by those whom have grown up in this small town. The New Canaan Public Schools are ranked higher than the majority of all public schools within the country, showing that an increase in local income has an immediate affect on the community development in both educational opportunities and advancements. Therefore, the main financial capital that we focus on as a community is the educational institutions that we place our children and youth in. Without a doubt, New Canaan High School receives the most local funding over any other local program, recently receiving a $60 million renovation. All in all it is clear that education surpasses all other desirable community spending and continues to bring revenue back into our suburban town.



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