Jamestown, RI -Financial Capital

Jamestown, Rhode Island has a very interesting dynamic when it comes to financial capital. Their private financial capital is very high, but their public financial capital is even higher. With an estimated household income that is almost double the national average, an income tax that is 25% lower than the national average, and the family median income at more than double the national average (BestPlaces, 2016), most citizens of Jamestown, RI could tell you just how strong the private financial capital is. On top of that, there are multiple financial resources that are invested in completely by the tax dollars of the community. For just a handful of examples, the following are a few aspects of public infrastructure that appeared on one of last year’s financial town meeting minutes: “Sewer Line Frontage Tax Rate”, “Bike Path Bridge Engineer”, “Road Improvement Program” (Jamestown Administration, 2015). Since Jamestown is a fairly wealthy city, the town administration has the ability to aim high when planning for future tax rates and the funding for infrastructure improvement projects. As for the private financial capital of Jamestown, there are some main groups and organizations that benefit from these extra dollars in the pockets of Jamestowners. One main groups in this category is the Jamestown Education Foundation. This foundation is a private group working with the initiative of “providing educational and cultural enrichment for student in Jamestown, RI” (Jamestown Edu Foundation, 2016). They rely on the donations and grants of individuals, businesses and legislators in order to keep their wonderful program in action. This really shows how strong the private financial capital of Jamestown is, while also demonstrating the generous and caring priorities of the Jamestown community.


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