Financial Capital Concord MA

Financial capital is the economic resources within a community. The economic resources are measured by money available for development or conservation of a community. Concord has a lot of financial capital. First, Concord median income is $132,385(American Fact Finder), which is a very high average income for a community. Since the median income is so high, taxes are very high as well. With high taxes Concord has a lot of revenue to put back into the community. The taxes go towards maintaining all of the public parks and conservation land Concord has to offer. Concord is also home to 2,697 companies (American Fact Finder), which also boosts the financial capital that Concord has. Concords town center has over 50 stores that are all owned and run by residents. The ability to have so many local businesses it makes Concord have a strong local economy. Since Concords tax revenue is so high the town has the ability to have great infrastructure. The roadways are always getting updated which means that there are always job opportunities and the money Concord has is getting put back in to the local economy by hiring local residents that need work. Along with the roadways public transportation is also another strong feature Concord has. We have a small local bus system that goes from the town center to the west side of town and to the hospital. By having this transportation system it connects the town. By connecting the town it allows people to spend their money at local businesses. Also the transportation system offers job opportunities to residents that need a source of income. Throughout all the different aspects of Concord, there is a strong system of financial capital and a very strong local economy.