Financial Capital

Financial capital is defined as the financial resources that can be invested into, the growth and development of community capacity, underwrite business development, supporting civic and social entrepreneurship, and accumulating wealth for future community development. According to, the most common industry in Hingham Ma, is Finance and Insurance at 21% of all industries (1.). This could imply that there are a large number institutions generating financial capital within the community. Beyond this, the most common occupation in the town is labeled as management occupations at 19% of all occupations (1). Pair this with the most common driving time to work at just over 10 minutes (1), you could assume there are quite a few people staying within town, and managing some sort of business. However, the sample size for driving time seems to be incredibly small and therefore may not be representative. From all of this, it is feasible that entrepreneurship in Hingham is well supported.

The Hingham Federal Credit Union is a federally chartered financial institution that is member run and not-for-profit. There services are limited to a list of 11 communities all of which on the south shore of Boston. The credit union aims to support the community by offering loans at seemingly competitive rates. That being said it does not appear that they are incredibly keen on supporting local businesses as they focus more on personal loans such as auto loans, of home ownership loans. The credit union regardless of their intentions of supporting individuals more than businesses is still investing in the community and maybe indirectly supporting the development of financial capital for a mass number of people..