West Fairlee, VT Built/Physical Capital

Infrastructure in West Fairlee, Vermont is pretty sound. We have plenty of sewer lines, water pipes to catch water runoff and ways to dispose of sewage and garbage. Because West fairlee is such a small town it’s not to hard to upkeep these types of things.

Buildings for the most part are sound, although there are a few houses that have been deemed condemned by the state. These structures usually sit abandoned and falling in because the town doesn’t have the resources to repair them. There really isn’t much in the way of office spaces or work related buildings either. According to Citydata.com, the average travel time to work is 29.8 minutes which suggests that most people travel out of the town for work. We do have a town clerk’s office that  has some office space however.

A big issue up until a few years ago was getting broadband access in our town. For awhile we suffered with dialup because we lived so far out in the middle of nowhere that it was hard for companies to provide internet service to us. To this day we still don’t get much in the way of cellphone service. The Upper Valley Fiber Initiative is a non profit working in the entire upper valley region trying to expand and improve broadband connection for the region.

Lastly, “Third places” don’t really exist in West Fairlee. If people hang out they go to each other’s houses or to neighboring towns where there are a couple small restaurants and a bar.

Below is a picture of lake Fairlee because, well, it’s beautiful.


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