Built Capital: Guilford, Connecticut

Built capital is known as the man-made infrastructure that supports the community, the roads, bridges, airports, water treatment facilities, buildings, and public places (Beaulieu, 2014). 

Guilford’s location on the shoreline adds benefits for tourism and for people traveling. Through the town is Interstate 95, which is the main interstate highway on the East Coast. Guilford also has a train station, Shore Line East, a commuter rail service that passes through Guilford from New London to New Haven (SLE).

Guilford Commons Plan Design

Guilford Commons Plan Design

In recent development, Guilford opened a 139,000 square-foot shopping center called The Guilford Commons in 2015. It was first approved in 2002 but when the recession hit, the project was put on hold till now. One of the goals for the shopping center is to attract more visitors and add convenience for locals to shop. It is currently home to 7 stores with the soon addition of a restaurant (Rizzo, 2015).

Additionally, Guilford has many community buildings including 3 grocery stores, a Walmart, Planet Fitness, the Guilford Free Library, gas stations, and local shops and coffee houses along the notorious Guilford Green. As a community, Guilford is very cautious about letting in major franchise stores as it cares deeply for its historic background and local shops. For instance, it’s Walmart being the smallest in the country, the commercial of it does not take away from the small towns qualities (Shoreline Times, 2010).


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