West Fairlee, VT Financial Capital

West Fairlee, VT is so small that there really isn’t much to talk about in terms of financial capital. Our main asset that contributes to financial capital is our vast open land and co-ownership of the Brushwood Community Forest which spans across multiple towns.

Looking at the town’s banking and investment policy, the first point made is that the “Safety of principal shall be the foremost objective of Town funds.” This essentially means mitigating credit and interest rate risk as to minimize risk of potential investments.

According to American Fact Finder 350 people in total contribute to the overall income of the town, and the town’s financial capital with an average income total of $50,625.

There aren’t very many if any nonprofits that are working to increase West Fairlee financial capital. There is a Merchants bank in a neighboring town that up until recently was Vermont owned and worked closely with community members to provide loans and funding. The Trust for Public Land however works closely with West Fairlee and neighboring towns to protect and preserve the Brushwood Community Forest which provides some jobs and natural resources for the community. Below is a picture of one trail that exists within the Brushwood Community Forest.


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