Burlington, VT – Built Capital

Built capital refers to “the stock of buildings (houses, retail stores, factories) and infrastructure (roads, water, sewers) in a locality” (Green and Haines, 2016). Burlington an abundance of built structures and infrastructure. Of these built structures, the most prominent tourist attraction is the Church Street Marketplace. Church Street Marketplace is an uncovered, outdoor pedestrian shopping mall located in downtown Burlington. Walking down the cobblestone street, pedestrians will find historic architecture, year round festivals, street entertainment and live music! Additionally, there are tons of retail shops and places to eat! “Each year some 3 million visitors come here to shop, eat, meet and greet, mark milestones, or just pass the time of day. All property owners in the district pay an additional tax (called the “common area fee”) that funds 70% of the District’s operations” (churchstreetmarketplace.com). The Church Street Marketplace District is a business improvement district that was created in 1981. The Church Street Marketplace District is listed as a National Register Historic District. The American Planning Association has also designated the district as one of the Great Public Spaces in America, for its historic landmarks, carefully maintained walkways, strong community support, and thriving retail shops.

One relevant community based organization is The Church Street Marketplace Foundation, which functions to provide improvements to the Church Street Marketplace’s infrastructure. Some past projects that this foundation is responsible for include, security fencing and gates, recycling containers, and electric maintenance vehicles. Additionally, the foundation has implemented various landscape design plans and public art projects, including the mural in Leahy Way and the fish drinking fountains that can be found throughout the pedestrian street.

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