Built Capital: Falmouth, MA

Built capital is the permanent physical installations and facilities that help contribute to the productive capacity of a community. (Green & Haines, 2002).

For the past couple years Falmouth has been going though constant construction.   One of their bigger projects was working on the new water plant.  One largest of Falmouth’s problems was their water supply being unhealthy and dangerous for children and pregnant women.  There water plant is along Long Pond in Falmouth, which is part of Goodwill Park.  The new plant has been moved to an opening in the walkway.  It is surrounded by a green space with a large field.


Road construction is constantly going on in Falmouth.  The town in replacing some of the old traffic lights.  They are expanding the roads to make room for only left lanes for easier transportation.  The first light they started to update was the Davisville light and are now replacing the light downtown.


Over the two past year Falmouth got two new CVS Pharmacies.  They got them at the same locations where the lights where replaced.  The previous buildings where smaller and older.  The first one they developed was the one downtown.  For that renovation they only tour down the origional building and cleared the land behind the CVS.  They now have a larger store and more parking.  The second on they replaced was the one in East Falmouth.  This renovation was a larger project.  The previous store was in a building with other store.  The renovation eliminated the other businesses that were there.  The other businesses where a Pizza shop and a child care daycare.


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