Built Capital: Jeffersonville, VT CCTA Bus Route

Built capital is the permanent physical installations and facilities that help contribute to the productive capacity of a community. Jeffersonville is a small town in rural Vermont, and like most small rural towns there is very little public transportion, an important form of built capital. In fact up until 2013 there was no public transportation in the town of Jeffersonville. Most of the people living in Jeffersonville have to commute to work, and many of the residents commute to Burlington, a 45 minute drive.

Before the bus route was established, in 2013, 87.5% of residents commuted to work alone in a vehicle (United States Census Bureau, 2013). The Commuter Route has helped to reduce this number. This is important to the residents of the town because it is more convenient, helps residents save money, and it helps to reduce the impact of people’s commute on the environment. The project to expand the bus route was funded, in part, by Congestion Mitigation Air Quality fund. This is a program designed to improve air quality by funding public transportation projects (Chittenden County Transportation Authority, 2013).

The bus line has been fairly successful. “On the two morning trips on October 14, the route carried 35 passengers, meeting its first year daily ridership target on its first day of operation” (Chittenden County Transportation Authority, 2013). The bus has wifi and many people will read the newspaper, or do work during their commute. Another positive effect of the bus line was that it has expanded the employment opportunities for residents that do not have reliable transportation. It connects Jeffersonville with opportunities that are only available in the more populous areas of Vermont. For example, the bus brings people to the UVM Medical Center, and Fanny Allen important for residents who may need to visit these facilitates and the numerous individuals who work there. 



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