Westwood Ma HUMAN

Westwood, Massachusetts has a population of 14,618 people in it, so this community is rather tight and close knit. This makes it fairly easy to connect the community together and create strong bonds. The Human Capital in Westwood, is fairly high with 97.4% of students graduating high school or higher. As well as having 1,618 businesses within the community.

We learned in class that is critical to know, that in order to improve things at a community level, we must first make improvements within our own human capital. One way in which those are improving their own human capital is by using their creativity. Westwood recreation hosts a plethora of community events in which you could express your creativity and imagination. Such as Painting lessons, Dancing lessons, Cooking lessons, Clubs, and so much more!!  This is one way in which the community comes together to work on their human capital and inevitably it brings the community closer.