Human Capital – James McCoy

Human Capital

Communities with high human capital have citizens that are healthy, educated, able to access resources, skilled interpersonally, and involved and experienced in the workforce. Institutions, businesses, and organizations within a community can be responsible for providing these characteristics to people. Workforce development is crucial for increasing human capital. By providing young people with a solid education that prepares them for productive, sustainable livelihoods, workforce development can ultimately improve quality of life. Like any other city, Winooski is full of businesses, doctor’s offices, schools, and other institutions that increase human capital.

Vermont Works For Women is an organization in Winooski, VT that provides women and girls with employment opportunities. The mission statement for this organization reads, “Vermont Works for Women helps women and girls recognize their potential and explore, pursue, and excel in work that leads to economic independence” (Vermont Works For Women, 2016). Wage gaps and lack of female workers in numerous professions illustrates the importance of Vermont Works For Women. Programs like Dirt Divas, FRESH Food, and Women Can Do allow participants to hone different career related skills (Vermont Works For Women, 2016).

Participating in the workforce is a very common way to engage with other community members, business, and organizations. Of the total population in Winooski, approximately 83% of men and 75% of women are in the labor force (American Fact Finder, 2014). Although it is a relatively small gap, women are less active in the workforce in Winooski, VT. Again, this illustrates the importance of organizations like Vermont Works For Women.


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