Built Capital – Newry, Maine

Newry, Maine may be tiny, but it has a lot to offer. It does only have one main road that leads from Route 26 to the South Ridge Lodge, the base lodge at Sunday River. The majority of the roads that come off of Skiway Road lead to residential areas. The town is so small that they don’t even have a post office in town. It’s located in the next town over.

Newry’s main attraction (besides its ski mountain) is its covered bridge. The first bridge was built in 1811 and then in 1957, town residents voted to build a new bridge. The first bridge was so important to the history of Newry, that they decided to preserve it and it is maintained by the state of Maine (“Town of Newry Maine – covered bridge?,” 2009). Newry’s most popular attraction is Sunday River. While it was due to luck that Newry was blessed with mountains, the built capital of the town comes in the form of the lodges, hotels, chair lifts, and ski trails.

Built capital is closely connected to financial capital because as Sunday River grows, it can offer more jobs for the community. The more jobs a community has, the more income it will have and when a community has a higher income, it can afford to pay more in taxes. With more taxes, a town will have more money to spend on improving the town, like paving Skiway Road like they did last year.

Stephens Memorial Hospital/Western Maine Health is located in Norway, Maine, a forty-minute drive from Newry and the closest hospital accessible to the Sunday River area. It is a non-profit and the largest employer for the community. It also provides health care services and education to the community (“Western Maine Health,” n.d.). The hospital, while an example of built capital, also improves human and financial capital.



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