Political Capital North Adams

Political capital is very important to the community development of any city. North Adams is no different. There are three types of political capital, reputational, positional, and decision making. Basically this breaks down into, reputational is what you would get if you asked the town people “Who is in charge”? Positional would be who holds office. And decision-making would be based on who makes the decisions in the community, who has the the “loudest” voice or greatest vote.

In North Adams, Mass MoCA has a lot of political capital. Located in the building that used to supply many of the jobs to the local residents, Mass MoCA has a lot of say in the North Adams government. If you drive to North Adams you’ll see many community events. During the summer they have a drive-in movie theater at the airport every Friday night. They have multiple parades and fairs. Under every single one of these advertisements you will see that the event is sponsored by Mass MoCA. Furthermore if you look at the “North Adams Vision 2030” plan that outlines the city’s development plans, you will see an overlap in names.  Many of the Mass MoCA leaders are involved in the planning of the future of North Adams.

Mass MoCA and the arts is a major part of North Adams political capital. If you compare the town of the Adams with North Adams you’ll see that arts and entertainment is a larger industry in North Adams than Adams by 5%.(American FactFInder)

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