North Adams Human Capital

Comparing North Adams and Adams is very interesting to look at when we look at age. Very close in distance yet American fact finder shows us a huge difference in the age of the population. The age of the population is very important to look at. It can tell you what the local labour market looks like and whether or not the young generations are moving away to find jobs and education. Should we look at North Adams median age it is 42.3 and if we look it Adams median age it’s 43.4. (American Factfinder) Which is not much of a difference but if you look at the percentage breakdown of each age you’ll see something completely different. The majority of people in Adams are between 50 and 54 with a 9.2% and in North Adams the age range from 15 to 19 is 9.1 and the same for the age range of 20 to 24.

These two towns are very similar and I believe the reason for the difference in age is Mass MoCA. As I’ve said before Mass MoCA is a major part of the North Adams City. It hosts many fairs and activities while also supplying 500 jobs to the community. It also is inviting many new artists to town to start up their entrepreneurial businesses and that’s why I think we see a major increase in populations of younger ages. In my first article I talked about a program that Mass MoCA started that invites Young Artists to town and houses them affordably.

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