Human Capital: Falmouth MA

Human capital includes a community’s general education background, labor market experience, artistic development and appreciation, health, and many other skills (Green & Haines, 2015).   Falmouth has an annual population of 31, 531.    Education is very important for the people living in Falmouth.  Most of the citizens hold a high school diploma or higher with 94.1% holding a degree.  Twenty three percent have a college degree and twenty percent have a graduate degree.  Most people who live in Falmouth are employees in the Professional, scientific, and management, and administrative and waste management services industries.

Falmouth is home to Falmouth Hospital.  The hospital is very valuable to the community. During the summer they treat over 40,000 people.  In 2011 they opened the Clark cancer center and now patients do not have to travel to Hyannis to get treatment.

ArtsFalmouth is an organization created to appreciate artists in the town.  Each year they hold the Arts Alive festival.  It is a three day celebration with over 60 performances.  They shut down Main Street and have a Street festival during the day.  More than 50 artists show off their crafts to the people of the town and tourists.


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