Montpelier, Vermont- Human Capital

Montpelier is a generally small place. It has a population of around 7,600 people. During the day another 8,000 people enter the town for work and errands. in 2009 there was 7,792 people living in Montpelier. Overall the population has not been changing by much. Montpelier has a lot of small restaurants where lower income earning people can find work, but at minimum wage. However, the New England Culinary Institute (NECI) is located on east state street in Montpelier.

This institute helps people master their culinary, baking, and food management skills. This allows many of the lower income workers working in the town of Montpelier to be able to get an upper hand and improve themselves in the restaurant business. NECI also has internships for those who want to learn skills that NECI offers but don’t have enough money to afford it. The programs involved with NECi really help human capital grow in the town.


Community College of Vermont (CCV) also has a branch located in Montpelier. Community College of Vermont is a great place to get a cheaper college education. The college has a class size of about 14 students per professor. The school has classes in the morning, afternoon, night, and weekends. This allows just about anybodies schedule to be able to fit. This is good because it allows those who didn’t get past their high school diplomas to have another chance to become more educated at a low costs and flexible schedule.

Montpelier has many avenues to help people expand their education and improve upon their human capital. However, The town already has thriving human capital. There are many law firms, private practices, other offices, businesses, and restaurants where people go about their jobs and make improvements on theirs lives and on their world around them.