Worcester human capital


Green and Haines define human capital as the general education background, labor market experience, artistic development and appreciation, health, and other skills and experiences. In Worcester, many organizations focus on building the various aspects on human capital. In a community of almost 800,000, 647,366 are employed (American Fact Finder). That is about 80% of the population. Even though many community members are a part of the working class, 50,261 live below the poverty line (American Fact Finder). This statistic is not exclusive to the unemployed; many hard working citizens cannot make ends meet due to their low quality jobs. The Big Brother Big Sister of Central Massachusetts has developed a program to provide proper resources and instruction for young adlutsnewly entering the work force. The program is called Corporate and Site-Based Mentoring and matches professionals with teenagers seeking opportunities for a brighter future. With their mentor, they learn how to define the next step towards a successful career. It may be finding a way to receive a college education or gaining experience in a specific field that will qualify them for a better job. There is a second program, MySTEM, which provides the youth with science, technology, engineering, and mathematical skills that will allow them opportunities in the STEM field. STEM aims to teach young children crucial skills which can lead to great career opportunities, “MySTEM aims to inspire our youth to engage in STEM subjects in a safe and fun way, to enrich our already existing matches, and to draw in new volunteers and partners interested in the STEM field.” They provide the children with activities and field trips along with exposure to STEM corporations and professionals to show the reality that the driving force behind the program. The Big Brother Big Sister is strong stakeholder in the community as it provides the young generation with skills to a better future in Worcester.



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