West Fairlee, VT Human Capital

In West Fairlee, VT, approximately 69.4% of the population 16 years and older has a job, earning an average yearly salary of $50,625. The majority of this population has jobs in management, business, science, and arts occupations. The percent of high school graduation is 88.2%. Of the population 25 years and older, only 26.3 % have a bachelor’s degree or higher, but of the population 18-24, 48.9% have a bachelor’s degree or higher, or some form of secondary education (American FactFinder). These statistics show that the general population isn’t very educated, but there are a good number of high school students to graduate college and seek opportunities elsewhere to improve their human capital because there isn’t much opportunity to do so in West Fairlee.

One thing that adds to the community’s human capital is their tie to the community. Because it’s such a small community, everyone who decides to stay becomes invested in anything that goes on in the town, and with the people. Or they stayed because they had become invested at a very young age. This creates a population of down to earth people who will do anything and everything for the town.

One Non profit organization in the community that seeks to improve human capital in the area is the Upward Bound Program at Lyndon State College. This program finds dedicated, hardworking students from low to middle income families who are first generation to go to college and gives them the proper tools to go to the right college for them, for as little cost as possible. Without this program I may never have been able to go to college, nonetheless get the education that I’m getting at The University of Vermont, and they have helped countless others who may never have been able to afford an education. Below is a picture of my Upward Bound class in Washington DC the summer of 2014.

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