Jamestown, RI Human Capital

Jamestown, Rhode Island is a very progressive town. With its generally young community of active, forward-thinking citizens, Jamestown has the resources and assets that it needs to create an ever-improving human capital for the town including the ability to plan for the future workforce, to think about how to sustain the current workforce, to look into upgrading the current workforce, and to think about expanding the workforce. This thriving community has many different contributors that come together to improve Jamestown’s human capital, each working in their own individual way. Community Based Organizations within Jamestown, and within the state of Rhode Island, benefit the community development of human capital within Jamestown the most. The Jamestown Teen Center is a great example of a Community Based Organization that works with the young community of Jamestown to increase workforce development, and training for that young community, helping to increase that potential for workforce development in the future (Jamestown Teen Center, 2016). They also work with teen to help them understand the process of entering in the work force and the ways to contribute to sustaining the workforce. By preparing these teens with the skills they will need to make the most beneficial impact on the workforce, this teen center ultimately is working towards upgrading the workforce and expanding that work force. Another great resource for Jamestown-ers, is the Department of Labor and Training of Rhode Island. This department is constantly looking for areas of the workforce that could use improvement or upgrading (Department of Labor and Training of RI, 2016). Their large database of knowledge is focused around the two main goals of human capital, promoting entrepreneurship, while also focusing on the green initiatives such as creating green collar jobs.



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