New Canaan Human Capital

Human Capital

Carson Armstrong


Human Capital is defined as thecollective skills, knowledge, or other intangible assets of individuals that can be used to create economic value for the individuals, their employers, or their community” according to When faced with the opportunity of displaying human capital within my home the first thing that comes to mind is the educational system that we’ve so intently built over the years. New Canaan has three public elementary schools, one public middle school, and one public high school along with many private schools in each level. Education is one aspect of life that New Canaanites take very seriously in order to ensure a successful and prosperous future for our youth. According to American FactFinder 97.4% of residents in New Canaan over the age of 18 have a high school degree or higher. This statistic is one that we pride ourselves on due to the intense workload and commitment that any degree requires from an individual. In order for the youth of our town to grow up and become contributing members of society they must be nurtured into programs that promote educational achievement and future potential. The New Canaan High School is the organization responsible for our great academic achievements. NCHS boasts a 99% graduation rate and has an astonishing 66% of its students involved in athletics. These two statistics show both the academic and athletic success that makes this schooling institution so successful. The school allows students to acquire the knowledge they need in order to achieve economic success along with other beneficial assets. It is clear that without the work of both the community and the teaching staff that education levels would not be as impressive and therefore less competitive in the real world.


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