Human Capital: Sherborn, MA

Human Capital: Sherborn, MA

Human capital is an essential community asset, which includes general education background, labor market experience, artistic development and appreciation, health and other skills (Green & Haines).

The town of Sherborn is very rich in human capital. Sherborn shares a regional high school with its neighboring town of Dover. Dover-Sherborn Regional High school has continuously been ranked on of the top public schools in Massachusetts and is also ranked among the top schools in the nation. Education is very valuable that an astonishing 98.9% of residents in Sherborn have a high school or higher-level degree in education (American Fact Finder). With Education being a priority the Dover-Sherborn Education Fund (DSEF) has helped donated over $2 million to support and help education of local middle and high schoolers (

In addition to education, athletics play a huge role in the community. According to the common wealth magazine, sports participation in the 10 wealthiest communities is 32 percent above the average. Sherborn being one of the wealthier communities in the State, has one of “highest participation rate at 147 percent” in athletic participation (Commonwealth Magazine). Dover-Sherborn high school offers a wide range of sports for students to participate in the change through out each season.


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