Human Capital: Pound Ridge, NY

911asu137aHuman capital is often viewed as an individual issue by traditional economic scholars. Unfortunately, this particular view has neglected to acknowledge that linking workers, employers, and community institutions is an integral step in bettering a community. One strategy that is a necessary part in developing human capital within a community is preparing the future workforce. This strategy helps to promote career exposure before or during high school, allows children to become educated about all of the possible post-secondary options, and strengthens career and technical education. I find this strategy to be the most important in developing human capital because without education and acknowledgement of the future it is impossible to foster human capital throughout generations. The public high school in Pound Ridge’s district, Fox Lane High School, offers many different programs that contribute to human capital. The school, consisting of 1400 students, has a large student body in which it hopes to expose human capital to at an early age. (U.S. News, 2016).

One program that Fox Lane High School offers to its students to prepare the future workforce is allowing them to take classes at BOCES. BOCES is a separate school that offers trade specific classes to students who wish to gain experience in a specific area of trade. The school offers culinary classes, beauty school, and more.

Fox Lane High School also offers the Aspire internship program. This program gives seniors the opportunity to take on real world work experience through an internship rather than attending classes during the week. This program not only prepares the workforce by giving students the opportunity to explore a field of trade they may be interested in, but it also allows students to get a handle on real world experience and work ethic. In addition, this program also helps expand the workforce by helping students build connections with employers while connecting education with the world of work.

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