Concord MA, Human Capital

Concord has a large variety of human capital that benefits the community. The demographic of Concord is wealthy business people. Since there are so many business savvy people in concord it allows for a strong local business market. Along with the ability to have a strong local market, these business people can afford to shop local. The ability to shop local is a huge assets to keeping Concords economy strong. The education system in Concord is highly recognized for having the best schools in Massachusetts. The high school in concord is rated among the top 50 best schools in Massachusetts and has a graduation rate of 97% ( 1). Having a really great school system brings in people from all over that want to live in Concord and have access to the school system. This is beneficial for boosting Concord tax revenue due to people moving to Concord. Health in Concord is very important. It is a very healthy and active community. There isn’t any drug problems or a serious amount of illnesses. Concord is home to one of the top hospitals in New England. Emerson hospital is located in Concord. It is best known for the cancer research that is performed at the hospital. The access to such a great hospital allows Concord to strong resources for maintaining healthy. Lastly Concord has a huge art community. In the town center, there is a community art association. At the association they offer classes in all different mediums to the community. The art association brings the community together by hosting these classes, and also displaying the art made by the residents at all the different local shops.





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