CDAE 102: Northfield Il, Human Capital

A community cannot enhance the quality of life within the community without the ability to have strong human capital. To be able to have a strong source of human capital you need to have eight particular stages of human capital. I will talk about a few major sources that are prevalent in Northfield.

The first stage of human capital is population. The Village of Northfield has a population of about 5,427 (U.S. Census Bureau, Annual Estimates of the Resident Population).

The next step is having a constant general education background within the community. Northfield provides its community members with education services that reaches the high school level. The community’s youth attend some of the highest ranked schools in the state and then attend a high school that is ranked fourteenth in public high schools in the country as of 2015 (Newsweek list). Having a strong school system enhances the community’s knowledge from childhood till adult hood.

Northfield has a lot of different organizations in the community that enhance the level of human capital in the community but the one I’ll discuss is the kids program at the public library. Every day during the week, Northfield’s library brings in volunteers that host workshops for our community’s youth. During these workshops, kids are able to learn different skills that will enhance their learning capabilities while also improving the volunteer’s knowledge of the community and the people in it. This organization makes it so the community can increase their level of human capital by involving people of the community of all ages to enhance their well-being and the well-being of others.


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