Human Capital: Guilford, CT

Guilford, CT is a very community orientated town that cares much for its youth and families that make it. Human capital is an essential part of this town because education and health services are what bring the town together.

The Guilford Youth and Family Services “meets the needs of the Guilford community by providing education, prevention, mental health services, and positive youth development” (GYFS). It is a helping agency that has been providing necessary skills and opportunities for the youth as well as positive relationships with families since 1997. They collaborate with parents/guardians, school, the community, and police to establish programs to prevent drug and violence, support and have a positive influence on the youth and families.

Guilford's Got Talent hosted by GYFS

Guilford’s Got Talent hosted by GYFS

With the collaboration with Guilford Parks and Recreation and Guilford DAY, they offer a range of events for the youth such as a Halloween Spooktacular, Window Painting, a workshop for parents and their Junior/Senior students on the transition into College, and family theater events.

Halloween Window Painting by SADD

Halloween Window Painting by SADD

Within Guilford High School many of its clubs are orientated to students on drug and alcohol use, along with providing unity within its school. Clubs such as SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions) and Unity help bring the school together through special weeks promoting mental health awareness and the effect of drugs and alcohol. Additionally, the IT’S WORTH IT project is another program that values its youth and works to promote mental health, safe homes, and drug use (IT’S WORTH IT).

Guilford takes a lot of action to bring it’s community together, provide healthy living, and promote positive self-esteem to the youth and their families. 


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