Political Capital: Montpelier, VT

Political Capital plays a strong role in Montpelier, VT. Montpelier is the capital of the state of Vermont and is the epicenter of political decision making for the state of Vermont. The city hall is a building located on Main Street in the town. This is where city council meeting take place where 6 elected chancellors and the mayor make decisions to help preserve well being in the city of Montpelier by installing policies and ordinance. These meetings are broadcasted on television and are also open for the public to come and spectate. Allowing public spectating allows the public to see what the government is planning and doing, allowing them to speak out towards or against local plans. These meetings take place on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month.


The Vermont State House is located on state street in Montpelier. Not only are policies placed on the whole state of Vermont in this building but lots of the states activists protest outside on the statehouse lawn. The keystone oil implementation plan was heavily protested on the statehouse lawn before its plans were shut down. Many other issues and ideas have been protested in the past. That is one way that local people in Vermont can express their political opinions. Often those outside can influence those inside the building, thus influencing the legislative government.

Overall, Montpelier is a political hotbed for the state. Town meetings aloow for the public to express their opinions and influence local government. At the same time the vermont statehouse works to make changes all throughout the state, and many people travel to it to make chnages and express their opinions.

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