Political Capital: Falmouth, MA

According to our textbook, political capital is “the ability of a group to influence the distribution of resources within a social unit or the trust the community has in a politician to make decisions for the community”(Green & Haines, 2016).

Even though Falmouth is a small town they still have a very active government.  Citizens know how important it is to be involved in the issues and are passionate about voting.  Local government contribute to political capital, but citizens are also allowed to hold public office.

Each week Falmouth holds town council meetings where citizens are able to voice their opinions.  The town manager of Falmouth is the chief administrative officer.  They are responsible for coordinating and administering all the employees, departments, and activities placed by general law.  The town manager should declare goals and carry out policies of the board of selectmen.  The town manager oversees the preparation of fiscal affairs including the Five Year Capital Plan and the Annual Operating Budget.  (Town of Falmouth)

Falmouth also has a planning department.  The planning board makes recommendations and studies the long term cloth of the town.  They also make special permits under zoning laws and special permits.  (Town of Falmouth)


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