Social Capital; Guilford, CT

Guilford, Connecticut is a town rich with social capital, for a number of different reasons. First, Guilford is relatively close to New Haven, which provides a wide array of unique cultural and social aspects. Many people from Guilford commute to New Haven for work, and a number of people from New Haven also commute to Guilford every day. This provides a sort of melting pot of cultures, as New Haven would be considered much more ethnically diverse than Guilford. Because of this, Guilford and New Haven are thus bridged together, and this provides residents from both towns with a wider array of social experiences. The town hall in Guilford is a very important part of the day to day operations of the town. First, it also serves as a community center which hosts a wide array of events and activities. Personally, as a kid, I spent a ton of time there with my summer camp on rainy days. The town hall also serves as the center for governmental activities, which the residents of the town are very involved in. On any given town hall meeting, one can expect that there will be a room packed with people. Further, when I was a little kid, the town was running a program that was bringing families from civil war torn Burundi to Guilford to live a better life. I personally was good friends with a boy named Noah who I played soccer with. Everyone in the town knew Noah and his family, and it provided an important social aspect to the town. Today, there are still families from Burundi that are living in Guilford.




Town of Guilford