Bronx, New York Social Capital

The Bronx has a tremendous culture, fair resources and incredible location that develops much of its social capital. The South Bronx has historically had high concentration of industrial areas, rendering many neighborhoods with lack of open space, art, waterfront access, and a lack of social capital. These areas have traditionally been known for its high crime rates, lack of adequate housing, ¬†and lack of green space. The Bronx has over four neighborhoods, in which the city recognizes as “industrial business zones”. The neighborhoods of Bathgate, Eastchester, Hunts Point and Port Morris all have high concentrations of industry, which causes its social capital to suffer.

A new initiative has been launched within the Bronx, the New York Restoration Project, which seeks to increase social interaction through infrastructure and park development. ¬†These open spaces will not only increase the property value of these more “industrious” neighborhoods, but encourage more healthier lifestyles, and increase the social response of the borough. These areas provide citizens areas where interaction is encouraged. Walks, awareness events and foundations will be able to use these areas to increase social capital, in neighborhoods that severely lacked in any sort of communication. The restoration project even calls for the establishment of smaller “city halls” within neighborhoods where community-based initiatives can form, and ultimately progress the Bronx even further.