Appalachian Trail North Adams


Starting on Springer Mountain, in Georgia and ending on Mount Katahdin, Maine the Appalachian Trail stretches 2200 miles across the eastern part of the United States of America. Some claim that is the ultimate hiking achievement. A sense of community and friendship is formed among many of the hikers along the trail. They are given Trail names and share their dinners. Some hikers are out to experience the world while others are trying to get away from it. The Appalachian Trail, cuts through North Adams Massachusetts on its way to Maine. The sense of community that is formed on trail can be seen in many of the towns it passes through.

I’ve been to North Adams Massachusetts and during the hiking season. One can spot and smell a hiker around every corner in downtown and at the local grocery store. Often found hitchhiking to the local Hannaford’s to restock on food.  Many of these hikers find it easy to get a ride. If you look at the U.S. FactFinder you’ll see that only eight members of the community are involved in agriculture, forestry, fishing, and or hunting. (U.S. Factfinder) They estimate that one hundred percent of them are male.(U.S. Factfinder) This low number comes as surprise due to the influence of the Appalachian Trail has on the locals.

There are multiple companies that offer outdoor trips throughout the Berkshires.  One is Berkshire Hiking. Berkshire Hiking offers maps, guided tours, and recommendations for places to stay in the Berkshires. North Adams is a friendly community that embraces the thru-hikers of the Appalachian Trail.




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