Social Capital: East Whiteland, PA


Before diving into to the social capital present in East Whiteland, Pa, I believe it is important to define and understand what social capital is. In the text book, Green and Haines define social capital as “The social relationships and ties that facilitate collective action in a community. (Green and Haines,2012)” When looking at communities of place such as East Whiteland, it is the social relationships, social structure and the norms of the community that are social capital.

East Whiteland is an interesting community of place to look at when studying social capital. It is technically made up of a few different smaller towns that all have their own different social relationships, structures, and norms. A way that the communities still connect is through different social groups. Adults are able to social through things like book clubs or other groups. Younger people are able to connect through groups such as intermural sports or service organizations such as the Boy scouts or Girls Scouts. There are many of these groups that are allow the community to come together in a social way.

Even with all these differences the community is able to come together at the farmer’s market. The Malvern farmers market is a good example of this. The farmer market was started 4 years ago and started as probably 3 to 4 stands, but has grown to 20 stands now and comes together every Saturday throughout the summer (Growing Roots, 2016). It has become quite the thing in the center of town. There is generally live music and people are able to socialize. The farmers market in Malvern was not the first one in the area, but now there has been a boom of other farmer markets popping up in the area. It is really an area that we can all connect even though we live in different areas.



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