Social Capital, Telluride, CO

The social capital of a community reflects the community efforts that connect people and build relationships through common activities and interests. These activities build trust and bonds between community members that are important for making a healthy community. These activities can include celebrations and events, parades, organizations that link people with similar interests together, and civic involvement in service groups or discussions.

The community-based organization Telluride Foundation offers support for local organizations that are involved in arts, sports, health, human services, conservation, and other social efforts within the community. Some examples of these efforts and organizations include the Tri-County Health Network, Paradox Community Trust Initiative, and the Telluride Venture Accelerator. The Telluride Foundation works with other non-profits to raise money and grants to help these local organizations build themselves up and enhance the social capital of their community. This CBO is very active with helping the community members to connect and work together to better their community through common interests. According to their website, in 2014 the foundation awarded 2.9 million dollars in grants to help these local efforts.

The town of Telluride also organizes a farmer’s market every summer season in the center of town every Friday. All products sold at the market are grown or created within 100 miles of Telluride by local farmers and artists. These events and efforts are important in the bonding capital of a community because it creates strong ties between people who already know each other and live near each other. The social capital of Telluride is based on people helping each other in their health, businesses, and livelihoods.




Telluride Farmer’s Market.

Telluride Foundation.