Richmond Vermont Social Capital


The park in the center of town in Richmond Vermont is a great example of community of place. It’s named the Vounteers Green.  Set next to the Winooski river, it is a great place for the community members to come hang out and socialize. It has swing sets for kids, baseball fields, soccer fields, a gazebo for concerts.  It is the central meeting place for town events, like the 4th of July celebration.  Food trucks, and carnival games roll into the town to provide a fun atmosphere for the community to come together and celebrate the 4th of July.

The Richmond farmers market takes place in the Richmond Volunteers Green Fridays from 3:00pm-6:30pm.  It runs throughout the summer starting May 27th and ending on October 14th. Vendor sell goods to the community, but its much more than a place to pick up fresh vegetables or other local goods.  From the Richmond Farmers Market website, “The Market offers entertainment for everyone, with weekly music and fun activities for children, as well as a lively social event right in our local community.”(Richmond Farmers Market, 2016)  The Farmers Market enables bonding, and bridging capital.  It brings together people to a common space and allows them to interact with one another, whether they know each other or not. The median age of residents in Richmond is 41.2( American Fact Finder, 2016). Compared to Burlington Vermont, who’s median age is 27.2(American Fact Finder, 2016), Richmond has an older population.  The farmers market is a great place for older people to meet up and socialize. A relaxed setting with music and vendors from the community make it a great social event for Richmond’s population.



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