Montpelier, VT- Social Capital

Social Capital is defined as social relationships that facilitate collective action in a community. It is a very important capital for collaboration of work and for building relationships.

Montpelier has a lot of social interaction, social events, and organizations that tie people together to build connections. This state capital has several suburbs and a very connected and strong social aspect. Many of the homes in Montpelier have front porches mainly because it’s not a very urban location and people have space for them. The downtown area holds several different streets with many businesses and organizations. T.W Wood Gallery & Arts Center is one place where artists can go to take workshops, look at art, and meet other artists. This place helps bring together many of the artists in the town. At the Montpelier Senior Activity Center there are writing workshops where writers can come together and review each others work. this helps build many social ties and does a good job at bringing people together. The Senior Activity Center is open to everyone above the age of 50. This place is very good for older people to go and come together and support each other.

Montpelier is very strong with bonding capital. This is mainly because it’s a small town and most of it’s residents know each other. There are many different book groups that are held by people who already know each other. However, some people don’t get to meet each other. The city hall is a good place for people to go and come together. There are lots of open venues and places for people to come and meet together based on common interests. This can definitely help build bridging capital. Another venue where people go is the Capital City Grange. There are often meetings here where people also come together to express concerns, interests, and ideas.

There is also a city center where there is orca media recording studio. This is a place where you can meet up with the people who run this studio. Here you can go on live television and radio and share information about events and help build social capital in the Montpelier community.