Jamestown, RI -Social Capital

Jamestown is known by most Rhode Island residents as “the social hub” of Rhode Island. This is because of the productive, proactive atmosphere that is found throughout the whole island of Jamestown. The vibrant island does a great job playing this role, never experiencing a lack of exciting events. In fact, they are very well known for these numerous social events and activities (RI Travel Handbook, 2010-15). From annual events such as fairs, festivals and community gatherings, to weekly or monthly events such as staff dinners (List of Schedules Jamestown Events, 2016), community meetings and bazars (Welcome to Jamestown RI, 2016), the community is flourishing with productive interactions. These interactions occur frequently, on all different levels and scales. Encompassed within these many interactions are instances of community bridging, and many instances of outsider-to-insider (of the community) bridging. These interactions help the community to make connections both within and outside of the community itself that these members might not have had the chance to make otherwise. These frequent interactions also encompass the important aspect of community bridging. By getting people out of their house and into their community, these social events work to bring the community together by creating strong and developed community bonds. Through these means of social capital, Jamestown, Rhode Island thrives in the sense of community and makes meaningful connections with others outside of the community.




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