Natural Capital in White Plains, NY

White Plains, New York contains multiple areas that show the city’s respect for the importance of environment conservation. Firstly, the Cranberry Lake Preserve is a 190-acre park that includes a beautiful lake, a quarry, cliffs, and a variety of trails through woods. These woods are inhabited by a diverse span of plants and animals. It is a popular place to enjoy a long hike or a short stroll around the four-acre lake. The Nature Center, associated with the Preserve, presents several activities that are family-friendly. The activities expose participators to the knowledge and possibilities of the nature surrounding them. They also help the community to connect on a level other than their neighborhood.

The Silver Lake Preserve lays on over 200 acres and includes swamp lands, woods, rivers and the start of the preserve known as Horton’s Pond. Horton’s Pond has been around since the colonial period, when the Horton family ran a grain mill driven by water. The preserve was also a battleground of the American Revolution. The park is a popular place for fishing, hiking, exploring the heritage trails. The Silver Lake Preserve is, personally, my favorite place to meditate on the dock and watch the ducks swim around the pond.

The Saxon Woods Park is over 700 acres of recreation. The park has trails, woodlands, a mini golf course, a swimming pool, several soccer and other sports fields. The park is also the largest park in the county accessible to the disabled. The trails are a popular place for hikers to go, as well as horseback riders and skiers. The park offers a wide range of activities for the entire community.


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