Jamestown, RI -Cultural Capital

Jamestown is a place that thrives on culture. Being a small island located in a very liberal and historic state, their cultural capital is a strong capital within the community. It consists of bits and pieces of important community interactions that have been strung together throughout the years of Jamestown’s history to make the wonderful community that exists there today. According to the Jamestown school department website (“Jamestown School Department”, 2016), the inclusion of arts in the school curriculum from grades one through eight is a very important aspect of their vision for the children of the community. This is one of the main focuses of the institutions found on Jamestown—to maintain a creative and art loving community, where art is accessible for every child in the public school system. In fact, the Rhode Island Department of Education (“RI Dept. of Education”, 2016) has been working for years to assure this inclusion of arts for all school districts in Rhode Island. This demonstrates an important example of the institutional state of Jamestown’s cultural capital.

Jamestown also has a very wonderful community of local artists. Due to this early exposure to arts in their first years of school, many great artists have come out of Jamestown, RI. Not to mention they have a well-known, and frequently used community center, where people of all ages gather for weekly, monthly, or one annual special events (“Jamestown Art Center”, 2016). Artists are welcome to present their art at this community center, and being a well-known island, artists often become recognized and collect a following through the visitors who come to Jamestown.



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