Cultural Capital in White Plains, NY

In White Plains, NY, the capital of culture is very prevalent. White Plains is a very diverse city, giving it a lot of different aspects to add to the culture. There are several organizations that work to unify citizens and engage in collaborative activities.

The White Plains Performing Arts Center provides the community with a wide range of theatrical productions. The shows are such that residents in the community can perform in or attend a show. The theater also provides professional space if any company or organization would like to rent the stage for a period of time. WPPAC allows for people of all ages to emerse themselves in the world of theater, music, dance. The education people who involve themselves in WPPAC gain is irreplaceable.

The Ethical Culture Society of Westchester is a Catholic congregation that works towards the equality of all races. They see Ethical Culture as their religion. Members believe everyone should be encouraged to live life to their full potential and that you should always feel accepted in your community. They meet every Sunday to discuss ways to get the message out there and create an environment of acceptance and diverse living.


White plains performing arts center

Ethical culture society of Westchester