Encinitas, CA: Social Capital

The city of Encinitas does a great job of actively supporting their sources of social capital.  Community based organizations play a key role in helping to support and cultivate bonding capital, bridging capital, and linking capital within Encinitas.  One of the key areas where social capital is built within the city is Downtown 101, a street which serves as “the main drag” in town.  

Downtown 101 is the main street of Encinitas, where many local businesses and organizations are located.  This street serves not only as a vibrant shopping district, but as the heart of Encinitas and a common meeting place for the community.  This is a place where community members can come to interact with each other and also where community organizations and businesses are able to interact as they are all contained within the same tight knit space.  By providing this space, Downtown 101 plays a key part in building on all three forms of social capital: bonding capital, bridging capital, and linking capital.  

One specific community organization that is providing crucial social capital to Encinitas is the Community Resource Center.  This organization is focused on providing social services to Encinitas as well as surrounding communities.  By linking low-income residents with resources such as housing opportunities and food programs, the Community Resource Center is providing essential bridging capital to the community.  Within this organization, 92% of expenditures come from directly from the community, whether from donations or purchases at their second-hand stores.  Every dollar that is raised is then returned to the community by a ratio of 1.77 to 1 through the organization’s social-capital building actions, proving that this organization is a big contributor to the Encinitas as a community (Community Resource Center, 2015).


Entrance to Downtown 101

Entrance to Downtown 101


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