Social Capital: Colchester, Vermont

Social Capital



Sometimes the best things can come from living in a welcoming, cultured, and friendly community. Colchester is one of those communities. An important element is the fact that everyone is willing to help and support other members of the community. Being relatively small in size allows it to be a close, tight knit town. A few important groups such as the Boys and Girls Club and the Colchester Parks and Rec department in particular have big impacts in this town. These community-based organizations did a great job at organizing events that brought the people of Colchester together.

My town was great at bringing people together for celebrations on big occasions such as the fourth of July where everyone eats good food, watches the fireworks, or goes down to the beach to watch local bands that tend to have the music styles of the ever popular “1970s and 1980s party rock & roll” (Colchester, VT). Some more big celebrations that these organizations hold during holidays such as Easter, is an annual Easter Egg hunt at the local church.

Along with the big social occasions, sometimes neighborhoods including mine had Block Parties. Block Parties are running and organized by the people and are a great way to feel a sense of belonging. They usually consist of barbecuing, drinking, roasting marshmallow’s over campfires, telling stories, and of course flashlight tag! Overall, it was a great experience to grow up in the town Colchester because the organizations within it gave me the chance to go out and really get to know my neighbors. Growing up in a tight knit community like Colchester that enables social capital really allows community members to have a stronger bond. On the other hand, if something bad in the community happened, everyone would pull together to help and support one another. It’s the people around you that make where you live truly a home.



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